Border Blades is a creative knife workshop in the border city of Albury NSW. This workshop caters for small groups of  people that want the hands on experience of creating their very own unique blade, forged in a gas fired forge and shaped from knife steel on an anvil. These guided weekend workshops encourage people to bring out their creative ideas through their own design and inspiration. We also offer tool restoration tips for those that may wish to restore an old hand tool that may have been passed on to them.


There are no rules regarding the design of your knife, although it is a good idea to create a knife that is not only unique and beautiful but also a functional tool for its intended purpose. Whether you're making a utility knife for those camping trips or a chefs knife for the kitchen. We encourage the use of natural raw materials like wood, antler, bone and leather to produce a knife that you can be proud to hold as your own.


All raw materials are included in the workshops, however if you have a favourite piece of timber or antler that you would like to incorporate into your knife, then we encourage you to bring it along. Our workshop session will guide you through every step of the knife making process, to ensure your experience is filled with the rewards that comes from learning new skills.

Workshop Guide
Randy Katsoolis

I have a passion for making things from steel and timber particularly knives, as long as I am in the workshop creating something I am happy. I also gain a great deal of pleasure from sharing the joy that comes from helping others create their own knife, a functional knife that will last for generations.

Border Blades